Saturday, June 1, 2013

Update on my "Unhappy with a Tulip product" post

A week ago I wrote a post telling about my disappointment with a Tulip dye product the girls used to make tie-dye shirts at Sophia's birthday party. The red dye separated into a red and yellow component at the edges of the red dye field.

I sent an email to the company explaining what happened and received a prompt reply from a CSR. We exchanged several friendly emails, then she said she'd send me a replacement packet of dye.

Today I received this in the mail:

I received a new packet of dye, a handwritten note, and a $20 package of five bottles of dye, which includes a refill packet for each bottle.  I think Caroline and Elizabeth may be having a tie-dye birthday party some time in the future. 

I'm very happy with the solution to the problem.

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