Thursday, June 6, 2013

Scorpion hunting

The other night Bill and I were in our room chatting before bed when we heard that shriek from Caroline which means one thing:  "I saw a scorpion."

Bill killed the scorpion which was in the hall outside her bedroom door, but she was pretty freaked out about it (not surprisingly).  The next night he asked her if she wanted to go on a scorpion hunt with him, hoping to desensitize her a little.

She was a little nervous, but went outside with him with the black light to see what they could find.  She told me they killed 8 scorpions along the fence.  The fence is made of concrete block, so it's warm at night and apparently scorpions like that.  Most of the scorpions they killed were on the outside of the fence. 

This is what they look like with the black light:

They didn't take this picture, but this is generally what they saw on the fence.  They didn't see any babies this time, but Bill has in the past.  Nasty, huh?
Guess who is very excited about scorpion hunts now?

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