Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Over 7,000,000 names indexed on July 2!

This is a trophy I earned on Monday.  I am a regular volunteer with the 1940 Census Project via http://www.familysearch.org.  The goal is to index (type into a database every name and basic info from all the nearly 2 million pages) the 1940 US census in 5 months or less.  This database will then be available for anyone to search for FREE at the above address.  My assistance with the project was relatively modest (5 pages of 40 names each), but I'm glad to help make these records available in perpetuity at no cost to the searcher.

After the 1940 census is indexed, I'll go back to indexing the variety of records that are available to be indexed.

Anyone in the world with a connection to the Internet can index.  Try it!

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