Friday, April 12, 2013

Sneaky smart school

The girls' school is sneaky smart!  Next week the school will administer the high-stakes test that is required of all children in certain grades.  TODAY they had an assembly just for the students who will be taking the test next week and handed out prizes.

What were they and what were they for?  All the students who achieved or exceeded the national average on the three parts of the exam LAST year received a recognition certificate and a free kids' meal pass to Sonic Drive-In today.  And it wasn't only if they achieved on all three tests, they handed out certificates for EACH part of the test.  One of my girls came home with three certificates and another with two.
In addition, my girls' teacher made a video featuring her students and they gave test-taking tips in a humorous way.  I hear it was a hit video at the assembly.

So . . . do well on the exam and LOOK!! you might get a free meal!  Honestly, the exam reflects on the students, teachers, school, and district, and I don't blame the school for doing whatever honest thing they can think of to encourage the children to try their hardest.

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