Thursday, April 25, 2013

Activity Day for Girls

Considering this Monday was Earth Day, I decided to do a nature-themed activity today.

We started out with a digital scavenger hunt.  We live in the desert so the list included things like:

rocks used for landscaping
cactus pads
and leaves (that's our marvelous mesquite tree)

There were about ten more items on the list and both teams found all of them, including a bird (and not one of the chickens!)

The second half of the activity was to plant things.
I got shade flowers (Impatiens) and sun flowers (Petunias) and let the girls choose which would work better at her house.  In addition my niece Carolyn brought over fruit and vegetable seeds and the girls planted them in cups.

We had peanut butter chocolate banana smoothies and everyone liked them.  As usual the whole activity was a hit.

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