Monday, April 1, 2013

One of my best Easters ever

From a letter to my LDS women's group:

We had a great day. My son's wife just arrived from Idaho with her father and a truck with all their belongings (not dad's--he goes back to Idaho on Tuesday), so we had them over for dinner. In addition, dh's niece moved here a few months ago, so she got an invitation as well. We didn't do a traditional ham, but had a big pan of homemade macaroni and cheese, asparagus, salad, and rolls, with carrot cake for dessert.

Dh and I love living in Tucson and our only regret is that we live so far from our other family members. Other than my mom who lives with us, the nearest family has been in Los Angeles, 8 hours away, then Idaho and Florida. So far away. Then! Dh wanted to hire his niece to work for him and it was a good time for her to leave Pocatello, Idaho and move here. Then! David and Alicia got tired of fighting Jerome, Idaho weather and decided to move here. I don't know who else might move here, but just having those three young adults living in town has made me so happy. Being able to have family over for dinner has been a dream of mine for years and finally I'm able to do it.

My brother and his fiancee from Florida also came for a short weekend visit and I was surprised to find out she is his fiancee now and not his girlfriend only. There is no date, but there is a fabulous engagement ring.

Sacrament meeting was one of my all-time Top Five sacrament meetings. Since our ward was recently split, we haven't had a choir, so I was surprised to see folks sitting in the choir loft when I came in. It turns out we imported the ward choir from the other ward in our old building to perform for us. In addition to our own Primary children, the choir sang 2 pieces, the choir women sang another, a quartet sang, and 2 soloists sang. One soloist sang an unfamiliar piece called (I think) "Were You There?" that nearly brought me to tears. There were three short talks about Christ and the atonement interspersed with the music.

In the early evening we had an egg hunt outside for the girls. It was one of my best Easters ever.


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