Friday, August 19, 2011

The week went well

We had a busy week. You'd think the week a stay-at-home mom's children go back to school would be the week of ease and luxury, but that would be someone else, not me.

I have one part time job that I do five days a week year 'round. I have another part time job I do as needed for them and as it fits my schedule. They are both ESL related. During the summer I worked only about three times for the second company--just enough to keep up with what was going on and enough so they didn't forget about me.

However! When I filled out my proposed schedule last month, I told them I'd work every Monday-Thursday for four hours in the morning. They picked me up for almost every shift I volunteered for which is nice that they still remember me and nice when the paycheck comes. However, it gave me 8.5 hour work days, which I realize most people have, but in addition to that, I am also a full-time mother and homemaker and am responsible for all the breakfasts, dinners, laundry, cleaning (not that I did much of that, but I did do some :-) ), shopping, taking my mom to her appointments and children to dental appointments, filling out all the school paperwork, and taking myself to the doctor. That was just this week.

Why do I work at a paying job? Retirement fund. New windows. Ceiling insulation. Hearing aids so the hubs can hear me (he might be sorry about that one). Mission clothes for ds.

I am very, very lucky to have two jobs that allow me to work from home in my pajamas. A lot of people want a "work from home" job and there are a lot of scam ones out there, but mine are legitimate and often enjoyable.

Next week's goal: ALL homework completed and ALL piano practicing completed!

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