Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chickens and cars

Last night we thought we closed all three doors to the hen house and run, but we missed one. I was met at the back door early this morning by Spot, the gold one in the middle. Today for some reason they are really mellow, hanging out by the sliding glass door, even lying down, which is rare for these girls.

I drove the car down an alley this morning and picked up a small branch which scraped on the ground all the way home and sounded really weird. When we got home I told the girls to hop out and look under the car to see exactly what was there. They said, Oh! There is a branch and there's a bunch of liquid coming out of the car. :O ???

I kneeled down to see what was going on and I saw it too. It was dripping mid-car, not from the radiator. I backed up the car so I could examine the puddle. It looked like water so I dipped my finger in and tasted it. Water.

Then I did the smartest thing I could and called dh at work to see what he thought. His first thought was that it was condensation from the air conditioner. Duh on me! I looked at the concrete floor of the carport and I could see repeated water rings in the same location from previous drips. It's just that usually I don't have any reason to squat down and look under the car after a trip, so hadn't noticed.

Phew! Dripping condensation I can live with!

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