Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Heterosexual Pride Day" in São Paulo?

Who would think someone would think there would even be a need for such a thing?

Mr. Apolinário, who has the support of Brazil’s powerful Protestant church lobby, said, “The creation of Heterosexual Day does not symbolize a struggle against gays but against what I believe are excesses and privileges.”

Opponents shot back saying the move was nothing short of divisive homophobia.

This reminds me of when I was in high school and all the teens recognized that when you did't have any real answer, you just called names. "Divisive homophobia"?? Mr. Apolinário probably "hates" homosexuals too, or is it just in the United States that if you don't embrace the homosexual lifestyle, you "hate" homosexuals?

I think it is fine to have different groups of people--gays, whites, Catholics, immigrants, straights, Republicans, poor people, you name it. I don't think we have to have special days to "celebrate" their differences. I don't think they all have to mix and mingle either, unless they want to.

How about "live and let live"?

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