Friday, August 5, 2011

It was a take-out day

One of the ways I keep our food budget down is to cook at home, mostly from scratch. Today wasn't one of those days.

I took Mom for an appointment and on the way home she offered to treat us to a quick lunch, so I suggested Boston Market. I pass it once or twice a week, but in two years of living here, I've never gone in.

We got the rotisserie chicken, three sides which were creamed spinach (all right--wouldn't have been my choice), mashed potatoes and gravy (waaaaaaaaaaay better than KFC's), and hot cinnamon apple slices, with three little (very sweet) corn bread cakes. It was all really good!

Before we got home I stopped at Papa Murphy's take 'n' bake pizza because I had invited the LDS missionaries over for dinner and didn't feel like making our usual homemade pizza.
I got a pepperoni, a double cheese, and a Canadian bacon, then added cheesy bread and a cinnamon wheel. Everything cost $20. At home I added pineapple to the Canadian bacon one to make a Hawaiian pizza. Although now that I think of it, a Hawaiian pizza really should have Spam and pineapple on it.

Our guests arrived right on time. After we made our introductions to each other, I told my mom that when I saw the guys at church on Sunday, one of them reminded me of someone . . . who? She took a look and said, "well, he reminds me of Kevin." Bingo. That is who I thought of too. I'm not saying he looks exactly like Kevin, because he doesn't, but he did remind both of us of him.

Can you see it?

Anyway, here are C and me with the missionaries too:
I sent the two pictures to the missionaries' mothers. I know I really appreciated when I'd receive the occasional email from mothers in San Diego with pictures of David in them, and I'm hoping for some karma when Kevin goes on his mission in a couple of months.

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