Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another trip to the Phoenix area

No rest for me after driving to the Phoenix area yesterday.  My niece Carolyn needed a ride to one of the metro airports there this afternoon.  Due to church and work I couldn't take her in the afternoon, but told her I could take her hours early if she were willing to wait.  She was.

Here she is grabbing her things out of the car at the airport:

After dropping her off I headed back the 15 miles to the main freeway and as I was driving along I saw something on the other side of the freeway earthen berm and thought to myself, "That looks like an LDS temple."  But of course, I wasn't near the Mesa temple and the Mesa temple doesn't look anything like the thing I saw.  Oh.  Except there are TWO new LDS temples being built in the Phoenix area, including one in Gilbert, which I was passing.  You can't see it very well in this picture I snapped, but it is just above the berm in the middle of the picture.  Oh, and behind a light pole.  Next to Waldo.

This artist's conception picture miiiiight give you a better idea what it looks like.  The exterior seemed to be in place, so I assume they are working on the interior now.

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