Friday, August 23, 2013

A new reason to wear slippers or shoes in the house!

Last night Caroline knocked on our door.  "Dad?  There's a snake in the hall!"  Really???
You can click to read about the Night Snake and see where I found the picture above.  Thankfully, this snake is non-poisonous to humans and the one in our house was a small one, about 12".

Elizabeth had gotten up to use the bathroom and thought she saw a piece of yarn on the hall floor, then saw it moving!  She went back and told Caroline, who had the guts to run past the snake and tell us about it.  Dh threw a towel over it and tossed it outside. 

Thank goodness Bill was here.  I'm not exactly sure how I would have handled a snake in the house if he hadn't been here.  He handles ALL creepy crawly things at our house.  Oh, except for the errant mouse my mom killed with a broom. :-)

Brave Caroline. Brave Bill.

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  1. A SNAKE? Whaat!!! Good thing there are some brave people around us :) haha!