Saturday, August 17, 2013

A shout out for Costco

Tomorrow we're having a bbq dinner here at the house with local and visiting relatives, so I went shopping for a few food items we'll need.  I've heard Costco has very nice meat and decided to try their ground beef for the hamburgers.

I was looking at the 5-6 pound packages, trying to decide if I wanted the "patties" which are about 3/4 pound each, or the bulk package, both of which were $3.29/lb, when I noticed something.  See if you see it too.

Yep, that package is weighed at 0.21 pounds and priced at 69 cents.  I thought about leaving it there because I didn't want the hassle factor of dealing with a mispriced item, but I remembered reading on a blog somewhere that stores will usually honor obviously incorrect prices when it's clearly their error (not someone switching price tags or something dishonest like that).

I knew I'd have to point out the error to the cashier or I'd never feel good about the price, then be prepared to pay the right price.  And guess what?  Costco told me it was their mistake, so I got to buy all of this ground beef for the tiny sum of 69 cents!

We will think kindly of Costco tomorrow as we enjoy our hamburgers!

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