Monday, May 6, 2013

Look what we found in the back yard last night

It's a baby quail.  It must have gotten separated from its mommy somehow and it was running around peep-peep-peeping.  The girls brought it in and we set it up in a bucket with a baking rack as a lid.  They found a toy dog dish that we put cornmeal in and a shallow lid for water.  We dug out one of our last remaining incandescent bulbs to put into a goose-neck lamp for heat and hoped for the best overnight.

Guess what we found in the morning?
The chick was still alive!  We added some finely minced scrambled eggs which it liked a lot, and did some research online as to what to expect.  Someone said we can release it into the wild when it is . . . six months old.  Ummm . . . I don't think so!  So we'll have to find a home for it soon.

But it sure is cute.

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