Saturday, May 18, 2013

Camping trip

Alicia and I took the girls camping to our favorite camping spot.  It's about 75 miles from home, but takes more than 2 hours to get there because we wind our way past cattle ranches, vineyards, and through little towns before we start into the mountains and the roads get progressively more, shall we say, "patched"?

All went well with the trip and the weather was nice.  We had lots of food, including s'mores over the campfire.  My friend Val met us Saturday morning for a hike around the lake.  Unfortunately this picture is dark, but here we are along the trail with her sweet dog.
The lake level was down pretty low, so some of the arms of the lake were empty.  We'd been hiking a couple of hours when it got confusing trying to figure out where the trail led and we ended up sort of lost.  Luckily we got advice from someone that eventually put us back out on the paved road near the campground.  I sent Alicia and the girls to the trailer to eat lunch while Val and I walked the half mile or so back to the marina to get our cars.  Said good bye to Val and we packed up the trailer and headed home.  Girl Power!

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