Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kevin's last day of his old life

I'm feeling reminiscent today because tomorrow Kevin starts his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is 19 1/2 years old and when his 2 year mission is complete, he will have spent about 10% of his life on his mission. 10% is a tithe, an appropriate amount for church.

Kevin was my happy surprise baby. I had already adopted 2 lovely children and thought my family might be complete. I was really very happy with the children I had. I came back from living in Europe and was staying with my parents when I began to suspect I might be pregnant. Sure enough, I was. By the time he was born, I was living in Europe again and he was born there.

He was a cheerful, blond baby. He walked early--9 months--and climbed even earlier. Talking . . . that was another story! He was really late with that.

He used to tie things up, Barbies in particular. Upside down. He used to get in H and D's personal space every chance he could and since he wore them down, they'd let him. Here he is with both of them:

He was really interested in anything novel and that may be why he liked tying things up. I often wondered what his . . . um . . . "skills" would lead to as an adult. I'm surprised, to be honest. He turned out to be really easy-going. Not what I expected at all.

Tomorrow he officially starts his mission in Provo, Utah at the Missionary Training Center. While he's there he'll learn how to be a missionary and how to speak Portuguese. And I'll learn how to spell "Portuguese." I'm really happy for him.

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