Thursday, October 27, 2011

Activity Day--DONE

Yesterday I got the vague idea to have a Halloween party for Girls' Activity Day today. We did one last year, but the other leader was in charge and there weren't really enough activities planned to keep the girls' interest, so I wanted to make sure that didn't happen.

There are about 7-10 girls who come on a regular basis, including my three, so I decided to do it on a rotating activity station basis. We started off with 3 gathering activities:

*Reviewed the second Article of Faith ("We believe that men will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam's trangression.")
*Matched up Halloween riddles that were divided in two and pinned to girls' backs
*Chewed up sour candy while keeping an absolutely straight face

Then I introduced the 3 activity stations:

*Don't Eat Pete game*Writing and decorating letters to our ward's 3 missionaries
*Making "grave yard" desserts (a cup with chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, an oval cookie with RIP written in decorating gel) and baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

The whole thing was an awesome success!

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  1. I could tell it was a success by how happy all of the girls were when I got home! Good Job!