Friday, June 10, 2011

We're on foot these days

Last Saturday I had my first "fender bender," although I'm happy to report I didn't actually bend my fender, just scraped up and gouged the heavy plastic cover over it. A pick up truck and I were both backing out of herring-bone parking slots and bumped into each other. Low speed, no injuries, and no damage to the pick up truck. It was such a surprise and amazing what a horrible sound two cars colliding makes.

I got online with my insurance company as soon as I got home and reported the incident and set up an appointment to have my car looked at. I know all this online reporting saves the insurance company time and money, but to be honest, it was easier for me to report things that way as well.

Monday I brought my car in, got the estimate ($789) and made an appointment to return on Wednesday when they got the part in. I was surprised to find out they had to have my car for THREE days to install a plastic bumper cover! Silly me, the cover comes UNpainted and they have to color-match the paint, paint it, let it dry, then install it. Three days.

I figured three days without a car wasn't going to be convenient any time, so I might as well just get it done.

But what about swimming lessons that started this week? The lessons are at a public pool about a mile from home, so the girls and I have been hoofing it to the lessons. The girls have had a good attitude and our walks through the neighborhood have been really pleasant. They enjoy the walks home with wet bathing suits and wet hair in the warm weather.

This is the first time I've had all three girls in lessons at the SAME TIME!! Two years ago I had two in a morning class and one at night. Last year the lessons were contiguous so at least I only had to go to the pool once. This year the two different classes are held at the same time. I've already read A Tale Of Despereaux and I think today I'll finish the current issue of Time magazine. I've been waiting for this.

Oh, why have I been using stock photos? My camera focus is acting up and we are currently out of batteries for any of the cameras. The rechargables don't work and we have only one AA battery left. So no, that isn't my child in the photo above, although she is cute enough to be mine. :-)

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