Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Juuuust posting this picture again . . . .

Have you seen this picture before? Isn't it a pretty car? What do you think the chances are that it would be hit twice in two weeks' time?

I was shopping at the grocery store when I heard the dreaded overhead call for the owner of a Chrysler 300 and . . . a silver Honda. The store clerk walked out to the parking lot with me to show me my car parked right where it I left it, with a Chrysler 300 backed into it.

No driver.

It looked like the car had rolled into mine from the other side of the parking lane. We waited.

No driver.

The clerk reached into the car and got some paperwork that had the owner's name. They paged him by name.

No driver.

The clerk went to some other stores in the strip mall and they paged him.

No driver.

Finally another clerk called the police to report it and notify a tow truck. It took awhile for the police to arrive (I should have voted for that extra 0.5 cent tax for local services, shouldn't I?) and still no driver.

The police officer pushed the offending car away to see what damage had been done and my car had a small dent in the right rear bumper. He took my information and gave me the insurance card he took from the other car's glove box.

At that point I was given the nod to head back into the store to finish shopping. Too late for dinner tonight. When I came out the car was gone. I don't know if the driver returned or if it was towed.

I can't decide if I think the car rolled on its own or if the driver hit me and then ran away. The car was in nice condition and very clean, so that points toward the car's rolling into me by itself. But where was the driver for so long??

Oh, and I had my bumper replaced ONE WEEK AGO.

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