Thursday, June 2, 2011

Camp Laffalotta Week 1 Princesses

My girls practically begged to have Camp Laffalotta again this year. I thought maybe they'd rather just float through the summer, but I must have made it fun enough for them last year that they remembered the activities. I was surprised they remembered the different themes we did as well.

So this week's theme is princesses. We read a traditional story about a Mayan princess and a nonfiction story about Princess Diana. One of their activities was to create a play, make costumes, and perform it for dh, my mom, and me. Here they are--what play is it?

If you guessed The Little Mermaid, you would be correct. S on the left is Ursula, wearing dark colors, then C as Ariel, then E as Prince Eric.

This shot is Ariel sitting on a rock in chains waiting for Prince Eric:

The adults were given chairs just outside the patio door and for some unknown reason, the girls insisted this chair be placed right in front of us. We kept trying to move it so we could see the dramatic action happening but they told us it was important. They never touched it at all!! I took this picture to show our actual view. Funny, huh?

Dh said he felt stressed by taking time to watch the play because he was in the middle of a project to repair our cooling system. However, he's such a good father than he just told himself to sit, relax, cool off, and enjoy the show. I didn't even detect any angst, although he told me about it later.

Here is the final bow:

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