Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Double treat for me this week

On Thursday my ladies' group at church is having a pressure cooking demonstration. I've had two pressure cookers over the years. One went into the yard sale after I was thisclose to not getting my dinner out of it (ultra-tight lid) and the other was a cool Brazilian one I had that over time stopped sealing. No seal, no pressure.

Everyday Food Storage has a video that shows how easy it is to use a modern electric pressure cooker. If I can figure out where I could store such an appliance, I think it will appear on my Christmas wish list.

The double in this treat is that the same page has a recipe for low-fat harvest pumpkin brownies made from food storage items. I am so into pumpkin this time of year! In fact, when I make these brownies I'll probably have to call them Jack 'O' Lantern brownies because that is where the pumpkin I'm using came from. Let's just say the day after Halloween 20 neat packages of homemade pumpkin puree made it into the freezer. ;-) This recipe uses bean puree instead of added fat, so I guess that makes it a triple for me.


So check out this page for the brownie recipe and a video on how to use an electric pressure cooker.

Linked to Everyday Food Storage.

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