Saturday, May 10, 2014

Zippered pouches for take-home gifts

For several days I've been trying to think of what to give the children at Caroline and Elizabeth's birthday party as a little take-home gift.  I usually try to have the gift be somewhat different than what is usually given at parties.

At 5:10 this morning I woke up knowing what to make.  I went online to youtube to find a video to remind me how to make little zippered pouches.  I've seen pictures of the ones both Leigh and Marcella have made, but it's been awhile and I needed a little refresher.

I dug through my stash, trying to find fabric that could be either feminine or masculine, since we have both boys and girls coming to the party.  Also, since tomorrow is Mother's Day, I figured even if the item seemed feminine, a boy could give it to a female family member tomorrow if he wanted to.

Years ago I inherited a bunch of zippers from my grandma's house, so I knew I could find zippers for all the bags I wanted to make.  Oops, this one from 1947 (it said so on the package) isn't actually a zipper.  It's a "slide fastener."

I made eight pouches in all.  Most of them are different from each other with different linings and zippers.  All but one zipper is metal, so they were a bit of a challenge when it came to turning the ends.  It already looks like the leopard print one with the orange zipper is the hot one.

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