Thursday, May 22, 2014

What do you notice about this breakfast of mine?

Here it is:

Does it look SWEET? 

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Good Morning America and Katie Couric was on talking about her new documentary movie which talks about the evils of sugars, as I understand it.  I don't think sugar is evil, but I have been working to reduce it in my diet and that of my family.  Katie Couric invited viewers to join her in a ten day "sugar fast" starting the next Monday and I decided to do it.  No sugar, no artificial sweeteners.

This is what I found:  there is sugar in a lot of things I like to eat.  I didn't go hard-core and scrutinize every.single.label for sugars, but if something obviously had sugar in it, such as cold breakfast cereal or commercial yogurt, it was off my menu.  No desserts, no adding a sprinkle of sugar to my oatmeal, or jam to my peanut butter sandwich.  It was quite an adjustment.

This is what changed:  I ate more carbs and fat than I usually do.  I substituted a bowl of muesli (minus the chocolate chips I love) for a bowl of ice cream.  Instead of a drizzle of syrup on my waffle, I spread on some butter.  No sugar on hot five-grain cereal?  Who cares when you can pour a bit of cream over it instead?

What didn't change:  I still feel the same.  I can't say eliminating sugar magically made my back pain go away or made my hair thick and luxurious.  However, got some new ideas for expanding my diet and how to eat things with less sugar.

So for breakfast today I'm having a chocolate chocolate chunk cookie Sophia made last night, a donut hole she bought in a package two days ago and saved one for me, and a marshmallow crispy treat I made from a Pioneer Woman recipe and saved in the freezer, waiting for the ten day fast to be completed.

You'd do the same, right?

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  1. Ha ha ha ha - If I'd had the results you got, I definitely would! However, I have gone 100% (ok, 95) sugar free and since September of last year I have lost 20 pounds and my dh has lost 40! We both feel great! We are following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan - it took some work in the beginning, figuring it all out, but now it's second nature. I'm so happy we took the plunge! (And for breakfast this morning I had a fresh egg/cheese/green onion burrito, yesterday was a "snickers" chocolate peanut butter shake with a bowl of fresh strawberries with real cream...)