Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting ready for his mission

As you know, Kevin is getting ready to leave on his mission. He is going to Brazil in October or November or December. It's a bit fuzzy there because his visa hasn't been granted yet, so he doesn't know exactly where he'll get his language training. Unlike some groups that send missionaries to foreign countries, the LDS Church only sends missionaries legally and to countries that have invited missionaries. If permission is withdrawn for any reason, the missionaries are too. Everything is done very much on the up and up. If the visa comes quickly, he'll go to Brazil for his language training. If his mission start date comes and there is no visa, he'll go to Utah to start his language training.

We have quite a number of Portuguese speakers on our family, both native and as a second or third language, so I can imagine there could be lots secret Portuguese speaking going on at family reunions. Gotta have one of those one of these years.

I went to the post office to get my supply of stamps for sending mail to Brazil. 98 cents to all foreign countries except Canada and Mexico, which are 80 cents. I asked to buy some aerograms but either they are not made any longer or that post office didn't have any. I remember going through a lot of those when all my friends were on missions.

Kevin seems pleased to be headed off on this wonderful adventure. Love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are his first reasons for going, but the adventure part is good too. ;-)


  1. Wouldn't be fun to go and see him at the end of his mission?