Sunday, June 8, 2014

What if everyone thinks this is what apricots are supposed to be?

I picked up some apricots yesterday at Sprouts because I really like this fruit and the price is usually so high I can't justify buying them. The ones I chose have a very pretty color and are a nice size.

But!  I was really disappointed when I bit into the first one!  It was firm, sour, and almost tasteless.  This morning as I ate another one out of a feeling of obligation I realized lots of people think this is how apricots are supposed to taste.  If they've never picked some from a backyard tree and eaten them soft and warm, with the juice pooling in the hand cupped below the holding hand, they might think grocery store apricots are all there are.

Apricots are (supposed to be) soft with a thin skin, not exactly what can be easily transported to the grocery store.  When I was pregnant with my second son 23 years ago I was staying with my parents.  My dad knew an apricot orchard being torn out and replanted.  The reason?  The old orchard was planted in wonderful, delicious Blenheim apricots that simply couldn't make it to market out of the region so it was being replaced with a hearty variety with looks and little taste.

The farmer told my dad to help himself to all the apricots he could pick before the trees were pulled out.  He brought home a dozen or so lugs of perfect, aromatic fruit which we ate by the baleful, then I turned into jars and jars and jars of sweet jam.

I'm thinking I need to look into apricot varieties that grow in my area.

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  1. Oh great, now I'm craving a marvelous, freshly picked apricot. We used to drive to British Columbia (from Calgary) and pick them. YUM!!! I wonder if I can grow them in Florida? (doubt it - nothing good grows here...)