Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Last night dh and I were listening to "The Bridge" on Sirius radio. It's "the softer side of Classic 60s and 70s music." We were reminiscing about music. I remembered being on the Music Committee of the church youth dances in about 1977. As a committee we decided on new music to purchase. Every other dance was a "record dance" which meant some adult spun records on the PA system hidden on the stage in the gym. No DJ chatter or anything like that, but it worked fine.

The ultimate reward the year or so I was on the music committee was that I got to keep the music box at home. It was filled with about 150-200 vinyl 45s. That box of 45s was one of most precious possessions I owned! In my room I had our family's portable record player, so I could play any song I wanted, any time.

That is when I fell in love with Bread (everything they sang!), Radar Love (Golden Earring--one-hit-wonder), Cherish (The Association), Dancing in the Moonlight (Van Morrison? Thin Lizzy?), Precious and Few (Climax Blues Band), and Stairway To Heaven (Led Zep). You get the idea. Great stuff.

The music box was homemade out of wood and painted in pastel colors. It was made of 1x8s I'm thinking, so it was tall and wide enough for for a 45 to stand up. It was quite deep with a long lid fitted with a heavy-duty handle.

Dh and I laughed as we compared that box full of records to an MP3 player a DJ would carry in his pocket today, holding many times that number of songs.

Today I ran across an article about IBM in the paper. Look at the storage unit from 1952 compared with one from 2011. Stunning, isn't it?

I love practically everything technology has brought to me in my life as it brought me my husband and much more!

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